Pundits and think tanks are trying to bring back subprime lending, spinning it as a virtuous move for the economy. Nothing could be more obviously a terrible idea, writes David Dayen

Though Congress passed Dodd-Frank in 2010, and regulators have written rules ever since, the massively complex law has failed to fully contain Wall Street’s predilection for threatening the economy.

He made millions off his state’s foreclosures.

Apple’s new payments system seems promising, but why is it limited only to the elite? The postal service can serve everyone, writes David Dayen

Tony West is leaving the Justice Department, so now we can tally up the bank settlements he oversaw. It’s not a pretty picture.

If city and state leaders would stop chasing get-rich quick schemes like the lifers working the nickel slots, maybe they could turn things around.

If a cyberattack were to target the nation’s financial centers, guess who may be on the hook to cover their losses