Remember all the talk about no new laws that weren’t paid for? We’ve just learned there’s a huge, glaring exception

Congress handed regulators a secret weapon in Dodd-Frank 

Recent spotlight on corporate inversions keeps drugstore chain’s profits in U.S.

A right-wing operative is mad Rick Perlstein’s new book calls Reagan into question. Here’s his pathetic response

Paul Krugman takes the shading out of the data from the GAO report on too big to fail. Evidence gives way to tribalism.

Credit rating agencies under-rate municipal bonds.

The GAO’s report on Too Big to Fail is out, and like a cloud formation, everyone sees what they want to see in it.

A Grand Unified Theory of Terribleness: Moneylaundering by Banks, Terrorism, Genocide, and Tax Cuts


Major multi-national bank BNP Paribas just pleaded guilty to money-laundering a little less than $200 billion over the course of the last ten years. According to New York Superintendent of Financial Services Benjamin Lawsky, “BNPP employees – with the knowledge of multiple senior executives – engaged in a long-standing scheme that illegally funneled money to countries involved in terrorism and genocide.”

Oh dear, that sounds awful.

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The Bay Area’s bold campaign to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour.